Monday, 14 July 2014

MAKE UP MONDAY | top five pencil eyeliners.

Heya girlies! 

Everyone has that one make up product which they rely on to look 'human' (I'm so dramatic). But honestly, I think eyeliner is my signature look and it's definitely a game changer on me. I typically go for black but I sometimes experiment with coloured eyeliners on the bottom waterline. Admittedly I also use black then add the colour on top. I really need to calm down with the thick black eyeliner but lets just take it one step at a time. Here are my top five pencil eyeliners with completely different price ranges. I took these pictures with my old camera so the qualitys not the best but I hope you enjoy:-)

with flash

w/out flash

Avon - Glimmerstick for eyes - Fiery black
It's a twisty pencil eyeliner which is always something I look for as I can never be bothered or find the suitable size sharpener! The name is very deceiving, it is definitely blue which I love because I think blue eyeliner makes brown eyes pop:-) It's buttery soft and I'd have to say its one of my favourites of the bunch.

Avon- Glimmerstick diamonds- sugar plum
The colour of this is absolutely gorgeous!! Its a purple colour with the most beautiful shimmer running through it. It's extremely soft which is great because I have sensitive eyes however as you can see from the picture, it breaks very easy because of its soft application. Again, its a twisty eyeliner. 

Chanel - Unsure on the name, my mums pinched it back
Definitely the most expensive of the bunch. I pinched this off my mum a while ago. It's a lip pencil but one night I decided to try and create a fiery smoky eye and it worked a treat. I'm struggling to find a sharpener for it so it's a bit scratchy but the colour is gorgeous! It's a vibrant red with undertones of orange.

Poundland - It doesnt have a name
It's a gorgeous turquoisey blue colour and you get about 5 in a pack. It's very highly pigmented and it definitely gives a pop of colour... you can definitely build the colour up or dull it down. 

Sleek - Twist up eye pencil 133 - midnight
I absolutely adore this!! The pictures for this blog post were taken a while ago but this has become a make up essential in my routine. You can blend it really easily and it glides on with such easy, its so buttery soft. Mines running out now, so I'm going to purchase it again. I've just checked superdrug and I can't find the exact one again so I don't think they sell them anymore:-( any black eye liner pencil recommendations?

Water test

straight after water had been applied

once each had been smudged with my fingers once wet 


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  1. Oh how I love discovering new products! You recently got some inspo of which products to look into from one of my latest beauty posts... well the exact same thing's happening right now because I'll now go on a hunt for the Avon 'fiery black' and the Chanel one :)