Saturday, 12 July 2014

TOPIC OF THE WEEK | rant #1 - facebook.

heya everyone!

I don't know whether this should be called things that piss me off or rant so I went for the more censored of the two. Recently on Facebook I have been seeing the most indiotic things that I just need to share so if you have any answers to why people do this PLEASE let me know. There may be hints of swearing so don't read if you get easily offended.

The attention seeking status. 

My personal favourite. It will be something like 'so upset, can't believe this is happening. Really need someone to talk to' then when people comment asking whats wrong?! they reply, nothing I don't want to discuss it. Why the fuck are you writing a status which is going to get attention and concern if you don't want to talk about it. snm. 

Profile pictures.

I have the same old people that upload the same profile picture every day for about a week religiously just for likes. I mean c'mon now. It was bad enough that I had to stare at that ridiculous picture where you are looking like your back is going to break just so you can get comments such as 'dat ass'. But now I have to see it seven times a week? Bitch please. Delete. Another thing that annoys me about facebook pictures is the CONSTANT uploading of selfies. Just get instagram. There is absolutely no need for me to see a new selfie from you practically every day. Unless you have changed your appearance drastically, I already know what you flippin' look like. Once a week is my minimum or I will definitely be pressing that block button. Just in case someone tells me about some drama then I will gladly unblock you:-) 

Facebook games. 

This is the one that triggered my idea for this post. Last week... wait a second, I want you to picture the scene. I'm in bed, warm, cosy, sleeping on my fluffy pillow, brand new sheets, freshly washed, silence around me and no care in the world... THEN my phone beeps. I have to keep it on vibrant as I live with my disabled nan so just in case of an emergency she can ring me... before I get any sarcastic comments like 'switch your phone on silent'. Anyway, I was awaken by a facebook notification from a bloody facebook game request. I mean who the fudge even plays these games?! Download an app or something. For fuck sake. It's becoming a joke, I'm getting about 20 a day. No exaggeration!

Anyway, I think that's enough for this week. This has been some what theraputic hahaha. Let me know if you have any more pet peeves from Facebook, I'd loveee to hear them in the comments



  1. This really made me laugh! Do people really upload the same pic over and over to get likes?! Crazy!
    I had to leave Facebook for many of these reasons, by the sounds of things it's just getting worse and worse!
    Life it much better without it!


    1. haha! I'm glad you enjoyed it;-D It's beyond ridiculous now!! I have a lot of family from abroad on there otherwise I'd definitely delete it

  2. Man you're not the only one, I have a friend that changes her prof pic; and mind you the same pictures over and over again just so she gets over 100 likes. I mean like how much attention does one need and what is there to prove, we get it you guy new bangs but goddamn let the picture be and if you're going to change your profile pic then upload a new one instead of reusing older ones.

    I feel for you with the games, I have deleted and blocked folks because of them, I get way too many per day and I've started to notice that I don't use it as much as before because I try to avoid all these games and seeing one person's face over and over gain. Alright I'm done now...

    1. you've given me confidence that theres still faith in our generation hahaha. I don't understand what satisfaction 100 likes gives people? Is it paying your bills? Nopeeee. love you gurl