Sunday 5 July 2020

Let's start again...

Hello beautiful people, remember me?! ❤

I wish I could give you all a massssssive hug. 

Many moons ago back in 2015 I started a blog that I absolutely adored. 

Fast forward to 2020 and a lot has changed and I cannot wait to recap with you. Let's take a trip down memory lane... 

During 2017.. 

I graduated from Liverpool University with a degree in Law with Criminology, moved into my first ever flat with my abusive ex-partner, saw Drake in concert, went down the famous ArcelorMittal Orbit slide and had my very last shift doing bar work. 

In 2018...

My newest sibling was born, I bagged myself my first ever legal role in a law firm, went to Rome and Morocco, saw Beyoncé, Jay Z and Kevin Hart perform, went to Wireless festival, I moved into my two bedroom house in Manchester and I got myself another job in a well-established law firm within the city. But most importantly, I ditched the curly wig hahaha.

Fast forward to 2019...

I became an absolute gym addict, went to Ibiza, dappled my hand in some very basic gardening, went wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shopping for my mums wedding next year, went indoor skydiving and started counselling/CBT regarding my experience with an abusive partner which I would like to share if any of you would find it useful. This year was the year for self growth. 

Can I start by saying, the glow up is real. If you are wondering what 2020 entailed well not a lot really because the majority has been in lockdown.

I had an absolute blast looking back at all the photographs as they fill me with so much love and appreciation for all my friends and family and I am now ready to come back to my blogging family. Lockdown has made me think about all the things that I miss and blogging/documenting parts of my life and also reading so many posts by like minded people, fo' sure is one of them. 

So the past is the past. Let's start making memories from today onwards and I promise to document all the amazing experiences, outfits and gym routines I do in the moment rather than in a round up a few years later haha. 

Let me know what you've been up to?! How are you finding lockdown?! 

P.s if you have got this far, you are a real one but also pretty please follow me on Instagram and I promise I will follow you back.

Char XO