Saturday, 22 February 2014

OOTN | tribal dress.

hello girlies! 

This is the dress that I featured in my haul post earlier this week! I absolutely love it! It's much different from many of the dresses that I already own and lord knows that I own A LOT of dresses. Let me know if you'd like a dress collection post? 

But anyway, as I explained in that haul post I was gifted this dress by one of my favourite aunties;-) she'll love that if she ever see's this! It's from Hollister but unfortunately I cannot find it online. It is actually a midi dress but I just tucked it under as I thought that was a bit too formal for town... this was such a bad idea as it kept riding up ha ha.

Shoes: Saints and sinners.
Dress: Hollister.
Bracelet: Pandora.

Sorry this post may seem so rushed! I'm off out but I didn't want to leave without putting a post up and I've already told them that I've set off. Does anyone else do that?! 



  1. That dress looks gorgeous on you! Wonderful post :)

  2. Love the dress chica! It looks amazing on your amazing body.

    Kristine |