Sunday, 23 February 2014


Hiya everyone!

When I was nominated by Meg, I was sooo shocked as I am such a big fan of her blog. The way she presents everything is amazing! Then when I was tagged by Chlo, I was gobsmacked because they were all coming at once... she's such a little beaut and she has the CUTEST cat! I want to say a massive thank you to both girlies and if you want to do this post feel free to chose either set of questions below and say that I've tagged you:-)

asked by: Meg.
1) Why did you want to start a blog?
I always wanted a youTube channel but I was too scared so I decided to create a blog instead.
2) What got you into beauty/fashion?
I definitely think r'n'b music videos got me into fashion and youtube videos got me into beauty:-) If you have any beauty youtube channel recommendations, please let me know.
3) What is your goal with your blog?
My ultimate goal is to get some really good friends from it:-) but I would love to reach 5,000 bloglovin' followers then I think I'll cry with happiness.
4) Weirdest or most fun blog post you've done?
Weirdest would probably be my anxiety and phobia post as I never thought that I'd be brave enough to talk about my experiences to allegedly 'strangers'... however, the most fun would have to be my first ever liebster award!
5) What is your favourite foundation at the moment?
Maybelline dream matte mousse.
6) Inspirations In your life?
He's no longer in my life but definitely my Granddad. 
7) Where would you like to be in 5 years time?
I would like to have a masters in Law and Criminology, a years experience in the police force and I'd love to still be blogging and hopefully have been to my first ever blogging event:-)
8) What do you like to see when you open someone else's blog?
a picture of them with a description and follow button with a clear link.
9) Does your blog have a theme?
yes:-) it's beauty, fashion and lifestyle themed.
10) Make-up or skincare?
since I have acne, definitely make up!!
11) Would you change anything about your blog?
Definitely the layout but I'm just not good at anything like that ha, I promise ill update it sometime this year.

asked by: Chlo.
1) Most proud moment?
Definitely, my first driving lesson. I've grown up with my nan who drives an automatic so I was really proud when I drove properly on my first attempt.
2) Dream job?
I answered this in my last liebster award here. 
3) Celeb lookalike? 
I had no idea so I had to ask my mum, she said Michelle Gayle from Eastenders.
4) Last picture on your phone?
I never ever ever have my hair up because I just think I look a little boy-ish so I was super chuffed when I actually was brave enough to wear it out.

5) Most worn lipstick?
First date by Avon.
6) Fav all time song?
Teenage love affair by Alicia Keys or Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly.
7) Fav blog?
I have a few that I'd like to recommend so I'll list them here:
8) Car you drive?
Ford KA 2004.
9) Fav feature in the opposite sex?
Definitely the 'V' area on their stomach... closely followed by eyes and strangely hands.
10) Best book?
Really not sure! I'm not that keen on reading. 11) Any tips and tricks or words of wisdom you want to pass on?
Do more of what makes you happy otherwise you'll regret it in the future.



  1. Love this! Just wondering but who did you nominate? xo

    Mollie | The Fashion Of Craft

    1. thank you:-) I've not nominated anyone this time, feel free to do it and say I've nominated you xo

  2. Ηi ! I nominated you for the Liebster award which is for helping new blogger become more popular( I swear it's not a spam message)Please If you have time take a look .

  3. Aw I love you! I love your blog lots too! Your posts are so good and you're a true sweetheart! We can relate a lot hehe! x

    1. I love you too darlin'! feel like I'm speaking to someone famous hahaha x