Thursday, 13 February 2014

NAILS | #4.

hello girlies!

I know... I know. I said I was doing valentines inspired nails but I just didn't like any of the reds that I own. I'm definitely getting sick of my nail polishes and need to stock up on some new ones. I really want to try MUA nail polishes, are they any good?! anyway, I opted for glitzy nails and I'm actually quite chuffed with the result. It took two thick coats and an amazing top coat which will be featured in my February favourites!

I know I need to go round them with a cotton bud and some nail varnish remover, but I had 1 hour to do both hands so believe me it was a struggle and I had no extra time.

False nails: eBay. 
Nail polish: w7 5 silver dazzle.
Midi rings: eBay.
Lime green ring: H&M.
Cross ring: Dress link

Since this is such a quick post I thought I'd let know my weekend schedule:
Friday: Life in pictures.
Saturday: Nude lipstick collection.
Sunday: Giveaway winner!

I hope everyone has a lovely valentines day! 


  1. Love them! The MUA nail polishes that I have last about two days before starting to chip... I don't know if that's helpful or not :)
    Alice x

    1. thank you!:-) aw that's quite disappointing! thank you for letting me know x

  2. Replies
    1. thanks:-) so do I, but I have really small fingers so its hard to find ones that fit:-( xx

  3. Dude those nails are super amazing! Love it :)

    1. thank you pal! they remind me of tin foil haha