Friday, 14 February 2014

LIFE IN PICTURES | last 7 days.

hello everyone!

Here is my weekly life in pictures post... thankfully I had a week off revision so I actually had an array of photographs to choose from. This week has been amazing and it is the start of half term today! You can just imagine my excitement, I have lots of plans for this half term so I can't wait to share them with you . Anyway let's get into it...

Starting with the top left then going right:

1. Here is a picture of my friends and I at a party:-) We had an amazing night celebrating our good friend's 18th.

2. Here I was testing out my nude lipsticks in preparation for tomorrow. 

3. I hit 1500 bloglovin' followers... thank you so so much!

4. My friend Jags who is constantly taking pictures of himself on my phone and he'll definitely complain if he sees this hahaha.

5. I've started waking up early and doing an hour's work out sessions mainly focusing on my abs and bum, one of my favourite workout clips is this one:

6. I've been looking at decorating inspiration and this is definitely how I want my living room when I'm older, it looks so cosy!



  1. Congrats on your follower-ship and I love you hair! Also, aren't friends great? haha! I'm following your blog now! ♥

    1. thank you hun! my bloglovin' is being a bitch right now and won't let me follow anyone, but as soon as I can I shall follow you back xo