Sunday, 16 February 2014


heya beauties!

I want to firstly start by apologising as this post should have been up yesterday... I guess the half term plans are taking over already, but don't worry today's schedule post will also be going up later today so everything is back on track. If you entered my giveaway make sure you come back to my page later today because I shall be announcing the winner!

Here I have my nude lipstick collection (all item specifics shall be down below), if you haven't already seen part 1 of my lipstick collection then you can click here. I think no.1 and 4 are my favourites but ultimately it's up to you to decide...
Which lipstick do you think I suit the most? 

1. Avon- First date.
This is a orangey nude which I abolutely adore. I'm not a fan of the tacky packaging but the colour and pigmentation is amazing, especially for the price. Not to mention, the never ending joke of me using a lipstick called 'first date' on Valentines day.
I unfortunately can't find this exact colour but I know they retail for £3.75 but they're normally on a ridiculously good sale!

2. No7- Chic.
I have swatches on both the No7 lipsticks here and if you're interested in buy them, I would definitely recommend you looking at that post. This is a paler nude and it's normally the one I go for if I have bold eye make up.
You can buy it here for £9.75.

3. No7- Mulberry.
Pigmentation is outstanding on these lipsticks however I have the moisture drench variation meaning they're very moisturising but not as long lasting. This is definitely a more pinky toned nude which I sometimes like to opt for.
You can buy it here for £9.75.

4. Virgin lipstick. 
I have no idea where I got this from but I remember I received it free whilst travelling with Virgin. I absolutely love the colour as it's a true nude which is basically a my lips but better shade. This is normally the colour I take in my clutch on a night out. The smell is hideous but I love the shade.



  1. College takes the life right out of you! LOL! Well, I have college 6 days a week, so I cant post a lot...I get it
    Love this post, though, girl!


    New post on blog: Valentine's Day OOTD Look 3

    1. I know! 1 week off isn't long enough!! I still can't believe that, I remember reading it in one of your posts... you do amazingly to get anything up at all! you should be proud. Thanks babe!