Monday, 24 February 2014

SHOE COLLECTION | coloured heels.

Hello everyone!

Finally the final segment of my shoe collection series, if you'd like to see the other segments then please click the direct links below:

You may have noticed that every sector above features four of my favourite shoes that are appropriate for that collection group however I just don't have that many coloured shoes. If there's anything I've learnt from these shoe collection posts, is that I need to inject some colour into my wardrobe or shall I say shoe collection. I'm quite sad that these shoe collection posts have come to an end but I hope you enjoyed them nevertheless! Shoe item specifics shall be below...

Starting with the far left:
1. Beige lace up wedges.
H&M- they're about two years old so they don't sell them any more. I bought them for £10 in the boxing day sales and they were the last ones left so it was fate! They've lasted me up to now but unfortunately they are pretty much ruined on the soles now:-( since I fell over whilst drunk, oopsies. I really recommend H&M for shoes!

2. Silver diamond heels.
These are my prom shoes that my mum bought for me online and she cannot remember the which website they're from and we had to take the insoles out so the label isn't visible any more, sorry:-( They're really bejewelled and I absolutely love them!!

3. Red wedges.
These were my mums but I wore them to a christening a while back so I claimed them ha ha. They're quite low so they're so comfortable especially as they have a wooden stable wedge. I think they're very casual looking and they're obviously my most colourful pair of shoes so I like having the option.

Which are your favourites?


  1. nice collection, my favourites are the red wedges x

  2. Those sparkly shoes are amazing!I cant walk in anything like that xx

    1. I absolutely love them! I nearly fell a few times though ha xx