Sunday, 8 December 2013

ESSENTIALS | face make up.

heya girlies!
happy blog mas day 8:-)
I've decided to do my face (base makeup) essentials, I'll also be doing my eyebrow routine and eye makeup essentials soon so keep looking for that. As you can see I don't use a primer or contour but here are the 4 make up items that I use on my face daily. Obviously I use a moisturiser as well, which you will see in my next Sunday skincare essentials post.
I use the Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation and I have done for about 3 years now, so it's definitely a product I'd recommend. It's the PERFECT shade for my skin (070 cocoa) however they no longer stock this particular shade in stores so I have to buy it on eBay here. It's obviously not a liquid based product however I quite like that I don't need to use powder all over my face and I only use it on my forehead as I don't see the point on wasting my foundation  as I have a full fringe; however I don't want it to look patchy if the wind blows and I also use it under my eyes to set the concealer. I use a beauty blender to apply my foundation which is difficult sometimes as the pot is an awkward shape, however it's worth it for the finish it provides.
This is a really old sleek powder and the names rubbed off because it's so old ha. But this never seems to hit pan and it's also the perfect shade for my skin tone. Not got much to say for this one as I can't provide a direct link as I'm not sure what specifics it is. Unsurprisingly I use a big powder brush and I do pinch it together when I use it under my eyes to set my concealer.
Glow enhancer
 I apply this once my moisturiser has sunk into my skin and you can immediately see the radiance glow that it provides. It also makes your face feel light and refreshed. It's based on Eclaline and vitamin E, this is the ideal solution for dull, tired skin in need of a boost. You can buy the Phyderma glow enhancer here for £17.99. I apply this with a stippling brush which is starting to become a bit sparse so hopefully santa brings me some new make up brushes this year.
 This is the MAC studio stick concealer in NC50 which is one shade too dark as this was originally my mums until she realised she didn't like it (nothing against the concealer, she just has very sensitive skin). But with the Phyderma glow enhancer this works PERFECTLY! I love the convenience of a stick form as I found with the other concealer's I've tried, I always applied too much because of the applicator. I blend this in with a foundation brush very lightly so it doesn't crease. Unfortunately this is an old concealer as you could probably tell by the ware in the picture, so they no longer have it.
aaaand... that's it! 4 simple steps to step 1 of 3 of my make up routine. Hopefully you enjoyed this Sunday essentials post...
Since my concealer has almost died:-( is there any concealer's you'd recommend?! Apart from collection 2000 or natural collection.
see you tomorrow


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  2. Lovely post :') Maybelline dream matte moose foundation is a great foundation! Fabulous blog :)
    Ava xox