Sunday, 3 November 2013


hello honeys!
For once I don't think this month went that quick?! I know, there's a first for everything. This month I'm going to do two separate posts... a beauty favourites and a non beauty favourites.
What do you guys think?
Vo5 conditioner, give me moisture conditioner for dry hair leaves your hair so silky straight and smooth so that it looks like you've just been to the salon. Some reviews I read revealed that some peoples hair doesn't stay smooth once straight, but mine against all odds does:-D *victory dance*. It smells gorgeous but I'm rubbish with descriptive words so I wont attempt. For the small price tag of £1.99 from boots its definitely worth the price!
Next is the Kiss me quick lip balm tubs, in the picture I've shown them all however the actual favourite is the one that is slightly below the others in the flavour 'Very cherry', oh what a name. Unfortunately I cant find them on the boots website anymore as they came in a pack (which I received as a birthday present from my friend Joe last year, so a special thank you to him), they also have Strawberry sundae, mint chocolate chip and hot fudge sundae.
After writing my blog post on the body shop and featuring the super volume mascara, I rekindled my love for the product! However I take back my comment, as it is not only good for bottom lashes but top lashes as well. It's fair to say this has become my second favourite mascara, after the Rimmel day to night.
Last but not least is my savour for the month, the almighty Sudocrem, which saved me from a meltdown when some volcano's spots appeared on my face. As you can see by the picture above (sorry about the zero amount of makeup), I wasn't best pleased and decided to put a bucket load on my face. Thankfully the rumours are true and this cream which is intended for nappy rash actually worked! I picked it up for £2.37 (bizarre price, I know) at my local pharmacy and was worried when I decided to chose the smallest of the two tubs, however this product will definitely last for a while as it's so thick.
If you've done a favourites post then let me know because they're my favourite to read:-)
Best wishes xx