Sunday, 10 November 2013


hello beauts!
I've had this ingenious (???) idea of a series called 'essentials' which will consist of bath essentials, makeup essentials, eye brow routine essentials, fall/autumn essentials etc etc the list is endless. So as Sunday's are my day of extreme amounts of sleep, a big old fry up, coursework and a pamper day... I normally have some extra time on my hands so hopefully this can become a Sunday post.
Here are some of my bath essentials that I have been using repeatedly for a couple of months and some items have also been featured in a favourites blogpost in the past. Unexpectedly I have a complete different array of products for the shower, so that may be my next Sunday post.
 1. Avon- for men:$ Bergamot, Peppermint & Sandalwood shower gel- on offer for 99p which is perfect because mine is running very low. I don't even like the smell of peppermint but this is one of the BEST smells I have ever smelt and it lingers on your body for most of the day.
2. No7 beautiful skin hot cloth cleanser for all skin types which has been working wonders with my sudocrem featured in my latest favourites, mine came in a gift set so its the smaller version (mahoosive thank you to my boyfriend for picking this out). It's £9.95 from boots which is a great price and 'fayesfix' also recommends this product.
3. I know, I know. I've mentioned this product about 5 times on my blog already but it's just amazing, especially with a hard surfaced brush, as it really does it's intended job thoroughly however aside from the body scrub aspect, it smells absolutely gorgeous!!
4. Vo5 conditioner for dry hair which is only around 99p in my local b&m but it's only £1.99 in boots, see previous blog post for direct link and mini review.


  1. Great idea for a post. I love soap and glory bath products, really enjoying the lime scented body wash at the minute.

    1. thanks, you should do something similar, I'd love to read it:-)

  2. Soap & Glory is my weak point ;) I'm always buying their products, but man, they smell SO good =]
    Love the post babe and can't wait to see more from you!!

    J Y U K I M I

    1. aren't their products amazing! I've heard so much about hand food but unsure whether to cave in?! x

  3. Hi Charnai, I tried replying to you on my blog and it would not allow me to, just wanted to say thanks for commenting. Loving your blog, now following. Please feel free to follow me back.

  4. great review