Saturday, 19 October 2013

WEEKLY | breakfast post.

Hello food lovers!
Yes... food lovers. I decided to make this post of what I have for breakfast every day before college in order to see how bad my eating habits are, as this Sunday I am doing a car boot sale in order to raise the money for my gym membership. Which is only £21 a month, I think that's a bargain?! Anyway, in 2 weeks when I join the gym, I am going to try and do relatively healthy eating and do this post again to see if I've improved. However, I'm unsure if I will be able to adapt my food as I am a massive food lover... I mean massive. Thankfully today I didn't take a picture because the two pieces of chicken and rice wouldn't impress anyone but myself.
Monday-porridge oats, nuts and raisins.
Tuesday-egg sandwich, I just typed eye sandwich by accident and laughed for a pathetic amount of time.
Wednesday-tomato and bacon pasta with cheese and an apple.
Thursday-Toast, scrambled egg and beans with sausage and obv tomato ketchup.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture for Friday as it was my nans birthday and I was relatively late to college due to giving her birthday presents and card, so my breakfast was ONE mini twix bar, I know, I was starving!! I just want to say a massive happy birthday for yesterday for my nan! and thank you to my friend Laura for coming, I don't think she reads my blog but if she does she'll love this little shout out ha.
Till next time!
best wishes.

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