Monday, 28 October 2013

DISCOUNT CODE | body shop.

Hello everyone!
Discount codes are one of my favourite things and when a company comes up, under my subscription with discount codes (which is a site that posts daily discount codes and sales) posts a discount code for a company I love... I just feel like I need to share it with you and this post will probably become a monthly thing on my blog.
Keep posted for the things I have purchased from the body shop using this code in my upcoming blog post which is a very exciting haul. But for now, take advantage of the code.
Here are a few items that I previously had from the body shop, with a overall rating of their performance. I also LOVE the body shop body butters and soap bars but had unfortunately ran out:-(
Discount code- 14673 but they also have 40% on all items including sale items.
Gentle eye make up remover: 5/5 buy similar one here. 
£8, absolutely amazing! but they don't do the exact one anymore so I have had to ration:-(
Passionberry - lip balm: 4/5 buy here.
£2, great in the winter because its thick, but not good in the summer.
Vitamin E - moisture cream: 3.5/5 buy here.
£10, is a best seller but I just personally prefer body butters.
Super volume mascara - 2.5ml: 3/5 buy here.
£10, great for bottom lashes, but not top. Also VERY pigmented.
Cranberry Joy - Shower gel: 3/5 buy here.
£4, runs out quite quickly but the smell is gorgeous!
Hi shine lip treatment: 2.5/5
Beautiful colour but abit too sticky for me, unfortunately I can't find it on the site:-(
Peppermint - body lotion: 2/5
This is my mums and she gives it a 5/5, however I unfortunately don't like peppermint, I can't find it on the site:-(
Best wishes xx

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