Saturday, 5 October 2013

FAVOURITES | september.

hello girlies!
I'm going to start off with the stereotypical, where has the months gone, September already?! - seriously, I mean it! I feel like Christmas is just around the corner and to think of 2014 is cray. Anyway, on to the favourites!! for once, I haven't actually got that many products! But the products I do have are firm favourites... lets just get right into it!


Soap and glory flake away body scrub 300ml - £7.50 in Boots.
This is my all time favourite scrub! It's one of the best exfoliators that I've ever tried and even though some may consider it too tough, it definitely does its job! I know that I rave about the soap and glory products and have done a blog post on them solely, see here, but I haven't found one product that's been disappointing in any respect. As always, the smell! Ah, the smell is amazing, it has a blend of Shea butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar and is much like my other soap and glory products and as always leaves the smell remaining for hours after having a bath. The only thing I would say about this product is don't over use it as it might damage your skin. I used this product after I fell asleep in the sun for 3 hours and had burnt patches of skin on my body and this did the treat, I was more than pleasantly surprised.
Johnsons 24 hour day cream for dry skin(they have different skin types) - £4.05 in Superdrug.
After having a major skin disaster after I used the benefit 'hello flawless' foundation and it decide to erupt volcano's on my face in preparation for my holiday... bitter moment over... I finally went back to good old faithful 'pick me up' cream and realised just how good this moisturiser is for my skin. It lasts me about 2-3 months so for the price I definitely think it's worth it. 
Eyelashes from eBay - £1.00 including shipping.
I have had these eyelashes for such a long time and as eyelashes have always been a ball ache to me, I have never tried to even attempt them. But after seeing them featured on 'glitteralittle's youtube channel and conveniently having a 18th coming up, I decided to try them on last minute and the heavens open!! These are the easiest eyelashes to apply and they look perfect, I did need to cut them because I have a tiny eye's however after they were cut I couldn't believe the results! Definitely going to buy another set of 10 soon.
Fanta, mango and passion fruit - 55p.
I seem to always feature a non-beauty favourite, I hope that's ok?! But ah, my new favourite drink of all time. Forget Caribbean crush or even tropical juice. Head out to your nearest convenient store and please try this can of heaven. If you like mango and passion fruit, this can which is 55p! Yep, 55p, is the can for you. I've realised I get so ridiculous when I discover a new drink but I have seriously been drinking nothing but this and orange juice in the morning obviously but ah well done Fanta! 
So after a very passionate favourites, would you like to see a disappointing products because I think I have enough for two points unfortunately:-( let me know.
Till next time, which will either be an outfit post or an empties.
P.S: I am back at college, going to London on Wednesday and going to Manchester on Saturday so please bare with me.
Best wishes



  1. I love Flake Away too! It's such an amazing product!x