Saturday, 21 September 2013

UPDATE | where have i been?!

Hello everyone!
I would firstly like to start off by apologising for not being around or blogging, in what seems centuries. However, for once I actually have a reasonable reason, well, hopefully...
Unfortunately a week after my last blog post where I stated that I was going to be away for a few days, our car was broken into and burgled, as a result my laptop was dropped and smashed just outside the car when we went out, causing a broken mother board and a cracked screen. However, when the police got involved they gave us a crime number which worked and we used this to get the laptop fixed minus the scratches that still remain. But as we were treated as a free customer, the delay between the time we took in the laptop and the time we got it back, was ridiculous. But I cant complain too much as we got it free.
So what have I been doing in the meantime that meant that I couldn't blog off another device such as my phone?
Well, in the first week I was going to post off my iPod and planned to construct one on the train home from Birmingham which is where I was going in my last blog post, but the problems didn't end there; as I left my iPod in Birmingham meaning that I had to arrange for it to get delivered which caused even more problems. When the iPod did finally arrive I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to post any posts without the pictures being edited with that box that I have used throughout my blog, as I knew I would just delete them all when I got my laptop back and I figured that wouldn't take any more time... but I was wrong. 
So what have you been doing since you have been away?
Well I have been to Chessington world of adventures in London (ill have a full review up in the near future), updated my phone from a blackberry to an iPhone4 (note to people with iPhone's, DON'T get the new update), done lots of shopping (expect a haul soon or a lot of ootd's), had my sisters christening (Krystal), took my sister to school for her first day (Aliyah), went to a few university open days (Leeds and Liverpool John Moores), started college again and volunteered for mentoring and just spent time with my friends, family and boyfriend.
Lastly, I would just like to address that although I had problems with my technology, I also had problems which were far FAR worse. On the 22nd of July my one year old brother, Isaiah unfortunately passed away. Which has been very difficult on all of the family and may interfere with my blogging schedule as some days I may not be feeling up to posting, but I will try my best because I have truly missed the community and blogging itself. All is well as I am back and I'm not going anywhere!!
P.S: can I just thank all my new followers and anyone that commented on my blog posts as it is very well appreciated and I love getting your feedback. Below, I will show some pictures that I have taken since I have been away, so enjoy! and ill see you in a few days with a new fresh blog post!!


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