Saturday, 6 July 2013

REVIEW | lush eyeliner.

Hello everyone!
Today's post is about the lush make-up range which I was more than shocked about when I heard about it. Whilst making a purchase for my friends birthday, I received this product for free, which was great because I use blue eyeliner on my bottom waterline every day. However when I tried this out and looked on the site for the price I was so shocked to see the price tag at £14.50!! See here.

So my initial opinion was that the applicator was awful! As mine looks slightly bent in areas, however I have read some other reviews on this product and some people's applicator looks fine, so hopefully I will be able to sort that out. The staying power and pigmentation is amazing on the product as you can see by the photographs. The eyeliner which is in the colour 'in charge' is definitely an electrical blue and becomes almost like a stain, which I personally love.
I do agree that the price is WAY to high, however as I use this product every day and it has become part of my every day routine, I think this has replaced my Avon super shock eyeliner in shimmering sapphire, as I doubt I will need to keep repurchasing it very often as you get a very generous amount, so I think I can splash every couple of months. I would advice that you blend in the product with a sponge brush as it makes it look more put together.
If you don't normally use blue eyeliner and won't use it regularly I advice that you don't invest because the price for this product is steep.
Pro's: Pigmentation, Staying power and size of the product.
Con's: Price and the applicator.
Hope you enjoyed this review.
Best wishes