Tuesday, 4 June 2013

COLLECTION | avon lip products.

Hello bloggers!
As I know that Avon isn't a brand that is well known and as it is magazine based, its hard to know which products to try so here are some swatches of the lip products, I will have them on in some up coming ootd posts.  

 Here is a higher end lipstick of the Avon collection in the colour 'Ravishing red'. It is extremely pigmented and I personally think its a gorgeous colour and I even like the packaging which is rare for Avon products ha (sorry Avon).
Here is a lipstick in the shape of a heart, its the newest to my collection and it's a orange toned nude, in the colour 'First date'. I love this lipstick however I am still unsure whether I am brave enough to wear it in public as it's quite a bold colour in my opinion.
 Here is a nude lipstick which unfortunately isn't one I will be repurchasing as it is quite chalky, it's in the colour 'Valentine' and is also in the heart shape. Quite disappointed with this lipstick overall.
 Here is a pink thick lip gloss, which oddly is quite hard to get the applicator out the tube. It's in the colour  'pumped up plum', I LOVE this lip gloss however it has a weird cosmetic smell. Its sticky but I quite like that quality in a gloss.
Here is a lip gloss that smells absolutely divine! It's in the colour 'violet beauty'. Its not as pigmented as the last one however its nice if you're wearing a pinky nude colour.
I hope you enjoyed this post, make sure you don't forget that the colour trend lipsticks are the cheapest of them all, so may not be the best quality in comparison, they are roughly £2.00! Thanks for taking the time to read, see you in two days...
Best wishes