Friday, 31 May 2013


Hello lovely people!

Here are my april may favourites! Woah, time has flown by. I have decided to go for a variety of skincare, hair care, accessories and make up, as I have actually discovered a lot of new products this month which I would like to share with you.

The first product to the far left is the Phyderma Hydrating toner. Phyderma isn't a brand that I hear a lot in the beauty community but I have a various amount of items from this brand and I am yet to be disappointed; so if you have any recommendations, be sure to let me know. I use this product daily with a cotton pad to remove my eye makeup as I have sensitive eyes however I find that this doesn't irritate them at all... which is great because the product doesn't seem to be reducing at all (added bonus). Unfortunately I can't find this product on the website anymore, however he is the link to the website:

The next product which is stood up next to it is the No7 beautiful skin night cream (for normal/dry skin) which I have in a sample size and I'm definitely going to purchase the full size when I run out. I have also been using this daily as I have been having so major breakouts due to stress of exams and it seems to hydrating my skin and reduces redness throughout the night. There is a promotion on in boots at the moment for 3 for 2, however the product is £13.50, here is the link directly to the product:

Next to that product to the right is some bracelets, I have found myself wearing them for the majority of may as I just love the sleek expensive look they give even thought they're only £1.50 each from H&M. They have a gold metal structure to them and they're connected with a gold clasp/link. There is a neon pink colour and a coral/orange which is my personal favourite. Here is a direct link to the items in a 2 pack as they can't be bought individually:

Underneath the bracelets is the Bobbi Brown long wear eye liner in number 2:Sepia ink which also features in the middle picture. If I had to choose 2 favourites out of all of theses, this would be one of them as it has changed my makeup routine completely. I use this product to fill in my eyebrows(which I've never done before I bought this product) and I sometimes use it as an eye shadow when doing an extreme smoky eye. Even though this product is on the pricier side, I definitely think it's worth the money! However the brush that came with the set that I purchased is awful! So beware. Here is a direct link to the eyeliner on its own:

Going to the right of the bracelets I have rediscovered an old favourite of mine, which is ridiculously cheap but great quality. Here I have the boots own brand of hairspray in the maximum hold preference (didn't know what other word to use ha). Even if you're not interested in the hairspray I advise you to smell it because the smell alone with convince you and the hold is incredible. Obviously for the price (£1.65) it can make your hair look a little crispy if you use too much, however if you use the right amount it is definitely better than any high end hairspray that I've used. Here is a link to the hairspray, they seemed to have changed the packaging which I don't particularly like however they have changed it to a 450ml from a 200ml which excites me:

The last favourite is my miracle product and is one of my top two favourites this month. Recently I have been getting some rashes on my arms which have been bothering me immensely at night and when I'm in the sun in particular. However, this Aveeno moisturising cream has calmed it down even after the first use. It's a light cream unlike all the thick creams that I was given to try that just louvered over the rash and made it impossible to wear cardigans etc... It is also suitable for people who may be prone to eczema (written on the bottle), probably because it contains only natural products. Here is a link to the different options of aveeno cream's as we all have different skin types:

Hope you enjoyed this pretty long may favourites, I'm excited to see if I continue to use these products next month. Thank you for taking the time to read my blogpost and I hope you've had a lovely month.

Best wishes



  1. I wana try the long wear bobby brown product!! I really want to try their under eye concealer! great detailed post! xxx

    1. you should, its amazing!! I've never heard anything about the concealer, might have to check it out... thank you:-)xxxx

  2. Ahh i wanna try this so bad! Great review! <3 Oxoxo