Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY | first edition.

Heya girlies! 

Recently I've been really trying to go up a dress size but get more toned so every day for the last 9 days I have been on a 40 minute run and done a 15 minute youtube exercise video then I have done 50 squats because I don't want to be letting down the dark skins hahaha. Anyway, I thought I'd share with you what I ate for the day yesterday then next week I'll show you my exercise routine then the week after hopefully my new improved what I ate wednesday but healthy edition. Then I shall show you the progress pictures as a month shall have passed:-) If you have any tips such as good gym equipment, good youtube exercise channels etc please please let me know.
My aims are: 
Go from a size 8 to a size 10.
Put weight on my legs.
Lose weight on my stomach.
'Enhance' my bum. 

Breakfast: Porridge oats, 1 Banana and Cinnamon.

Dinner: Pie, gravy, mash, tomato and cucumber.

Snack: 9 Flapjack bites (the full bag).

Supper: Banana, grapes, cherries and strawberries.

haha, I also had work yesterday so I had my lunch there but I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture of my food in a staff room full of my collagues. 

Hope you enjoyed this... It's certaintly made me feel hungry ha 

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