Saturday, 19 July 2014

TOPIC OF THE WEEK | poem - the problem with this world.

The problem with this world, is the endless multiplying, children having children, before qualifying  
Ending up on teen mom, the reunion, with a special episode, of your child’s Holy Communion, 
Looking like another, struggling mum, asking for financial help, or even a significant sum
Prices going up, in an economy that is dying, making it impossible, for people to stop crying
Government constantly, going about the wrong way, not encouraging anyone, to stay in the game 
Turning to eBay, because prices are too high, having to compromise, or learning to get by 
Always looking for the, next best dupe, or looking for something, for your age group 
Internet explorer, makes it easier to learn, is it your own work? That is my only concern 
Regardless of this, they still left education, for a last minute offer, at the military operation 
Parents constantly, wondering what they should do, wondering whether, they should go too 
Go to an option, that is the easiest way out, or fight for a living, that might happen somehow 
What is the point, in a world so inhumane, a world that no longer, has a purpose or aim? 
-written by Charnai Bennett.