Wednesday, 5 February 2014

TOPIC OF THE WEEK | being 'perfect'.

Hiya everyone! I hope you've had a fantastic week so far! 

I thought I'd start of on a positive note because the rest may become a little negative. Since society is now ever changing just like trends. It's now becoming quite close to impossible to be seen as perfect. I'm still unsure what perfect really is?? but it seems many people struggle with their weight, overall image and beyond the surface... self confidence. 

Along with the majority of the people that may be reading this... I also suffer with those issues. Like everyone, I have imperfections. Some that may be noticeable such as my small earlobes; they're so small that I was unable to get them pierced three times along the bottom so I had to settle for two and my weight as I am SO in-proportional, I am currently skinnier than I want even though I eat like a beast and some people don't believe me when I say that... but believe it! I'm not really skinny but I would love to be a bit more curvier. 

Along with these issues that people may be able to notice there's obviously those secret imperfections that are enclosed on a daily basis. But I just wanted you all to know, that no matter what your imperfections may be. No matter who may describe you as 'weird', 'different' or anything along those lines. This may not mean anything to you, but I believe that we're all beautiful in our own way. Whilst blogging I've come across a lot of blogs that inspire me and a lot of beautiful people that I admire. 

I've also read many blogs where girls are dedicating most their daily lives to fasting just to be seen as perfect. In my eyes, that's wrong. No matter what size you are. Unless you... yourself are unhappy. Don't change just for society or just to fit in. You're all beautiful and just remember that no matter how beautiful models or celebrities are most of their beauty will be through make up, editing and deep down they'll have the same self confidence issues as you. 

Stay true to yourself, don't change for anyone and remember you're perfect 


  1. This is so lovely and happy, i too have seen blogs were people are making themselves ill by posting pictures of celebrities who have had every inch of their body altered with photoshop. Young girls are given an unrealistic expectation on how to look and deem themselves abnormal or ugly. It's nice to hear a more positive attitude :)

    The Student Blog x

  2. Awe <3 this was a lovely post to read.
    I think that no one is content with who they are and find millions of trivial imperfections in themselves...

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    1. aw thank you! so true...I think you may enjoy next weeks as it's relationship and love inspired x

  3. That's so true, I believe that too! you don't need to be insecure! x