Tuesday, 4 February 2014


hello girlies!

I know I don't get through as many products as quickly as some bloggers, but when I do finish my products I love to share my reviews because this is a good way to get recommendations and not just initial reviews. This may become a text heavy post so lets just get straight into it...

1. Avon little black dress body mist
This is definitely a mature kind of smell. It definitely smells much more expensive than the price tag and I've even shocked people when they ask where my fragrance was from. It's not too overpowering but it leaves you smelling fresh throughout the day. I unfortunately can't find the direct link to this body mist, but this body spray is £3.60 here.
Would you repurchase it? No, but I did like the product.

2. Avon secret fantasy kiss body mist
Not only does the name of the body mist put me off. But the smell, isn't what I expected. I'm sorry Avon, for once you have let me down. It's advertised as 'Surround your senses with a burst of sensual blackberries, flowering violet and romantic magnolia blossom.' However, it just smells of overpowering sickly artificial fruits. I wasn't impressed so I gave it to my nan. You can buy it here for £1.99.
Would you repurchase it? No.

3. Vo5 give me moisture conditioner
I've mentioned this product in my October favourites here (with a direct link to where you can purchase it from) and I'm still lovin' it! If you want to see what I thought of the product then click the link above as my views haven't changed on the magnificent product. I think I'll definitely be using this all the way up till University... but we'll see! 
Would you repurchase this? Yes, definitely!

4. Pantene shampoo
I never realised that this shampoo was labelled 'for women with colour' which is probably why it worked so well for me! Not only did it make my extensions silky smooth but it also was great for my natural hair! Which is rare because my natural hair is VERY temperamental... I received this as a gift but I know it was bought from TKMax or TJMax if you're in America (I think?!)... but as you know if you've been shopping there, everything is a one off. So I haven't found it again:-( 
Would you repurchase this? Yes.

5. Santuary spa covent garden foaming bath soak
As always it has that signature santuary spa covent garden smell which I absolutely adore. However, it was not foaming and hardly made any bubbles at all for that matter. I thought that I may have not been using enough at once, however when I went on the boots website to get the link and one of the reviews agrees with my opinion. You can buy and see the review here for £6.00.
Would you repurchase this? No.

6. Avon men shower gel
I featured this shower gel in my 2013 beauty favourites so again, if you'd like to read my review please click the direct link above as my views haven't changed. Definitely still my favourite shower gel of all time and I don't think this will be changing any time soon!
Would you repurchase this? I already have:-)


  1. such a great blog! I love pantene products! x

    1. aw thanks sweetie! as do I, but I've not tried that many x

  2. Thanks, I enjoyed this post. I used to sell Avon. Some of their products are hit and miss, but I guess what brand doesn't.....LOL! I want to try that Pantene shampoo!


    1. Ah, cool:-) I love Avon this is probably one of the first products that I haven't really liked... you're right there!

  3. Loved this post! I am a fan of some of these products, myself :)

    New post on the blog: Forever 21 Wishlist

  4. Love the review! I especially appreciate your honesty ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

    1. yay! thank you, glad someone appreciates it:-)

  5. Lovely blog, i usd to love that vo5 condirioner!

    The Student Blog x

  6. I love the VO5 products!


    1. Aren't they good! they're so cheap as well x

  7. Sadly, I have to agree with you involving the Sanctuary spa. I had the same issue, I've tried other items from their range and all have disappointed me or not worked for me. I want them to be amazing as I love all the scents, but they all ended up being ones I would not repurchase again. Great empties, thanks for the reviews.

    1. Overall the brand is a bit of a disappointment:-( I love the scent too! I quite like the body wash but that's about it from the range. Thank you:-)

  8. Such amazing suggestions! When I go shopping I usually clothing like a slob and I end up with all the problems you've described here. I find out it amazing that I never considered of these aspects before and they seem so obvious after you've described it. Thanks bunches!