Sunday, 9 February 2014


Heya everyone! Another exciting tag post for you today...

I was nominated by the lovely Hannah, a massive thank you to her. I absolutely love her blog:-) If you'd like to do this tag too, then feel free to say that I've nominated you as I tag everyone!

1|How would you describe your personal style? I say to my friends all the time that I'm going through a chav stage which is hard to admit, but my personal style changes. One day it'll be edgdy then the next girly, then chavvy or sometimes simple and so on. 
2|What's your favourite movie of all time? My favourite movie of all time is Hitch with Will Smith but I have a few runners up such as Men of Honour, Last holiday, Now you see me, Cinderella story and Honey.
3|What would your ideal day of relaxation be? A lie in is crucial then a massive fry up with scrambled egg, bacon, toast, fried egg, beans and a big glass of orange juice then to catch up on TV programmes that I've missed during the week with my duvet on the sofa then have a nice big bubble bath with a face mask. Then I'd end the night with a couple of YouTube video's a phone call to one of my friends then an early night.
4|Would you rather listen to music or watch TV? Hmm... watch TV, because you can watch music channels;-)  
5|If you had to live on one food item - what would it be? Pancakes with honey.
6| Do you have any pets? Nope:-)
7|Where were you born? In Preston but the hospital has been knocked down now.
8|What is your 1 piece of clothing you have that you always feel comfortable in? Leggings!
9|Costa or Starbucks? Costa all the way. Got a Costa hot chocolate as I type this ha.
10|What film do you really want to see in the cinema this year? The wolf of wall street.
11|What's your favourite cocktail? Tropical Fizz or sex on the beach.

I've also had a major change to my schedule because I've got so much work, so I hope you don't mind. Everything still going to go up but just at a different time


  1. aha I thought I was the only one who preferred costa to Starbucks! it's so much nicer and cheaper;)x

  2. Thanks for sharing! l Love to get to know the bloggers I follow better!


    1. aw thank you:-) there shall be another tag next Sunday so hopefully you'll enjoy that too x