Monday, 10 February 2014

OOTN #6 | the wrap dress.

hello everyone! 

I'm on my top blogging game because this is pre-written weeks in advance so don't worry I'm sure I've been out since writing this so there should be many more OOTN's to come (unfortunately as this was pre-written I changed my schedule but forgot to reschedule the post, so if you were quick you might have already seen this as it was up for 3 minutes a couple of days ago) The first photo was taken at 3am because I forgot to get one before hand so I'm sorry that the quality/lighting isn't the best. But I love the outfit so I had to share it!

Gold hoop earrings: eBay.
Bracelet: Pandora.
Dress: eBay.
Black wedges: Saints and sinners.
Gold bar belt: eBay.

My valentines posts are going to be starting tomorrow so I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi sweetie, I tagged you in My "7 Deadly Sins Of Beauty Tag" post, I hope you will take a look and join in on the tag :)

    1. I'll definitely do this tag, thank you so much for nominating me xx

  2. Can't believe your dress is from ebay! I'm the same with pictures, you completely forget to take them just as you get ready (when your looking your best) and then have to madly take them later on!

    1. I can't believe it was less than £10! It's one of my favourite dresses as well:-) ha ha yeah! glad someone's in the same boat as me x

  3. Loving the belt! The dress looks great on you :D