Tuesday, 10 December 2013

WISHLIST | christmas.

 Hiya everyone!
happy blog mas day 10:-)
 After doing my birthday wishlist I decided to create a Christmas wishlist because I love the idea of looking back in a year's time. If you have a Christmas wish list of your own, post a link down below because I'd love to see them x
Marc Jacobs - Daisy.
Every year I opt for a fragrance and this year it's a toss up between daisy by Marc Jacobs and Tommy Hilfiger which you may have seen in my previous post.
Beige strappy heels.
Since turning 18, I have realised that I want NEED new shoes to wear to occasions or just to town and I absolutely adore this beige heels.
White bodycon dress.
Just like the last reason, I have realised that I definitely need more outfits for the party season, so I decided on this dress from Boohoo.
No7 hydration mask.
This is my number one essential that I ask for EVERY Christmas and will continue too for years to come.
Barry M gelly nail polish - Lychee.
I've been um'ing and ar'ing over this for so long and I've now decided that I absolutely love this colour and I'm intrigued by the formulation!
Canon power shot camera.
This is my big present which I probably won't receive as I got a CAR for my birthday (spoiler for the 'what I got for my birthday post' coming up). However, this was created in advance and it would have been on my list.
 Who doesn't love to receive a onesie at Christmas to wear on boxing day?! I certainly do.
You can buy it here for £15.00.


  1. Great list, LOVE the beige heels they are ah-mazing. I have Daisy by Marc Jacobs and I really love it, I really want to try Honey though! xx


    1. aren't they! Marc Jacobs are just on top form recently! xx

  2. I love the heels, i NEED them too. And everyone needs a onesie for christmas!


    1. definitely! primark one's are the best, wish they had a website:-( xx

  3. Literally just ordered the heels hehe love them!

    UK High Street Fashion Blog

    1. I'm so jealous! hope they're as nice as the website x

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