Monday, 23 December 2013

BEST OF 2013 | beauty products.

hello girlies! 
happy blogmas day 23:-)

I can't believe its this close to Christmas?! So today, I thought I'd do a very exciting post by doing my ultimate favourite products for 2013. This was very hard for me because I've tried so many new products this year that I've absolutely loved but I decided to do two items per section. 
Have you got any stand out products for 2013?

Left side
Right side
Shower and bath
Lady one million: This is my favourite perfume by far which was bought by my boyfriend (thank you!) I’m awful with smell but it’s definitely a ‘sexy’ fragrance that makes you feel a million dollars and the packaging is beautiful!
Avon Bergamot, Peppermint & Sandalwood shower gel for men: I don't even like the smell of peppermint but this is one of the BEST smells I have ever smelt and it lingers on your body for most of the day. This is by far my favourite shower gel.
Tommy Hilfiger girl: This is my second favourite fragrance which is close to lady one million. It’s a mature fruity scent that I absolutely adore and again, I love the simple packaging.
Soap and glory flake away: This smells divine! It can take away any discolouration in your skin and the smell lasts almost all day. It has big chunky particles in it so you can definitely feel it working.
Eye make up
Loose eye shadows
17 Smokey eye palette: This is a green make up palette that I didn’t think I’d like but the colours are very wearable. The palette also has numbers indented in the shades and can with a leaflet to show you how to create different looks which is great for beginners.
MAC in ‘Patina’: This is a lovely highlight colour which is a golden smooth shimmer that makes any eye colour pop out. I love the compact size of a loose eye shadow and it’s great for people that have a mac palette to keep them all together once de-potted.
Rimmel day 2 night mascara: This is definitely my holy grail product that I will repurchase for years to come. It gives such length AND volume; which I’ll show in tomorrow’s new year’s eve eye make-up tutorial.
Maybelline colour tattoo: On and on bronze is a product that has been raved bout in the blogging community but I definitely think it’s worth the hype. As you can clearly see it’s a beautiful colour, for a base or all over the lid.
Taxi: This is my absolute favourite lip gloss as it is SO minty that it smells like you have stuck polo mints to your lips. It’s a beautiful nude shade and It’s so convenient as it has a mirror and a light which is great for nights out.
No7 hot cloth cleanser: I’ve definitely done my fair share of raving for this product as it is definitely my miracle product (along with Sudocrem which I’ve lost so I couldn’t include) to get rid of them pesky spots.
Max factor: I have a whole blog post including pictures here but I love this as my ‘your lips but better’ shade and oddly I love the simple packaging that it provides.
Phyderma face enhancer: I absolutely love this product! It’s a liquid based highlighter that you can use all over the face, I use this before my foundation but you can be very versatile with this and use it after foundation.
Vo5 Extreme style sea salt spray: I loved this product in the summer as I didn’t need to apply heat. I’d just spray a couple squirts of this into my hair and it would provide me with effortless waves.

Tresemme heat defence spray: This is another holy grail product that I have definitely noticed a difference since using it. My hair has become much healthier and I now always wonder why I never used a heat defence spray before?!

Hope you enjoyed this post. See you tomorrow for a new years eve eye make up tutorial. 


  1. Lady Million is also my favorite scent! Great post!

    xo Mel
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  2. Lady Million is such a stunning scent, one of my favourites too <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Isn't it gorgeous!? Didn't realise how popular it is xx

  3. What a great list!! I love Rimmel mascara too! :)

  4. Such a great list, gave me so many ideas on what products to try out. I love all the S&G exfoliators, they all smell so good!

    Happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks:-) They smell divine! I really want to try sugar crush. Merry Christmas and a happy new year xx

  5. Really cool reviews! I love how you set up the post in such a unique way!

    1. yay, thank you! Glad the hard work paid off xxxx

  6. Mac and Rimmel mascara, always!

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  7. The link isn't working for me? But sounds like a great deal!

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    1. thank you:-) I'll check it out now xxx

  9. Thanks for the follow I love the sound of the Taxi lipgloss I have never even heard of it before is it available in drugstores? xx

    1. your welcome, your blogs amazing! I got mine as a gift so I'm not sure but you could probably get it on eBay xx