Tuesday, 9 July 2013

REVIEW | after earth.

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Recently I have been watching a lot of new films that have just been released into the cinema and I always look for blog posts on them first, so I've decided to make my own. So I recently went to watch 'after earth' with my mum as Will Smith is one of our favourite actors, in particular his films hitch, men in black, pursuit of happiness, seven pounds and I am legend. So as you can see I pretty much enjoy all of his films.
However... I have to say this just doesn't meet the standard. I'm unsure whether its the fact that Will Smith is hardly in the film compared to his son Jaden or the twist as some things throughout the film had clearly not been thought out and some areas looked a little rush. Although I was disappointed with this film, I still think it is a good film, just not one of my favourites by Will Smith.
The film has received a star rating of 3 out of five and I think that's about fair, however after reflecting on the film, if Will Smith did not feature in the film, I would give it a 2, in my opinion.
What's the film about?
Will smith who's name is Cypher in the film and his son Jaden who's name is Kitai go on a galactic adventure but make an unexpected stop on Earth when their spaceship crashes. Finding themselves on a planet evacuated by the human race and now ruled by a super-evolved animal species, the pair must undertake a journey to call for help, with each depending on the other for survival.
See trailer here. 
I love the quote from the film so I will end with that... 'danger is very real, but fear is a choice'.
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