Saturday, 22 June 2013

FAVOURITES | youtube daily vlogs and ootd.

Hello lovelies!
I decided to tell you my five favourite follow me round/daily vlogs with a couple extra because I couldn't resist.
If you have any daily vlogs that you think I may enjoy watching, let me know!
I have ranked them in order from 1 to 5, 1 being my favourite and so on... I have also linked my favourite 'episode' of theirs next to their name.
Some other daily/follow me round vloggers that I enjoy watching are, funforlouis, rihannonashleeextra, stylesuzivlogs, lifewithtiarramonet, lynners18.
T-shirt - River Island.
Cardigan - H&M.
Jeans - Boohoo.
Shoes - H&M.
Hair - Fish tail braid.
Lips - Avon, ravishing red.


  1. I love seeing what other videos people love!.. I love britpopprincess, she's such a positive influence :) xx

    1. isn't she just! I love Maureen and Mike too xx