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UPDATE & UNI TIPS | with lots of pictures!

hiya everyone! 
happy new year!!
long time no type? do people actually say that? I guess you're wondering where I've been for the past 7/8 months? In September 2014 I started my first year of university. I've moved away from home and I can honestly say I don't regret it one bit. I'm going to write a bullet point list of points which I'd suggest anyone that is starting university in September to consider (if you want to skip the some what boring update, it will be towards the end). P.s. I hope you're all getting all the offers you applied for:-) 

Since starting university, moving into halls away from my hometown, turning 19 (can't believe I'm going to be 20 this year #midlifecrisisat19), meeting new friends, joining new societies and getting into a new relationship (where's the sick bucket?!)... I have lots of tips, tricks, new products, stories and a better grasp of time keeping so hopefully I can get back into blogging. Absence definitely made me miss blogging so much! It's so strange when I try and explain the concept to other people... but we just get it don't we? 

Since I stopped blogging not only has university got in the way but also just life. Over the summer I started working TWO full time jobs. It was craaaaazy. I would recommend this to anyone looking to go to university, unless you get a huge loan... you'll be screwed with your financial flow. University is so expensive. I will be doing a post on budgeting in the near future. 

I worked in a nightclub, 10pm til 6am. It was one of the best experiences I have done so far in my life. I worked for Loft, Revolution and Macs. I met so many different characters and it gave me soooo much confidence. I have changed so much as a person since working for nightclubs. However, I have seen some messed up things but it made me tougher and stronger as a person. I used to flyer in the streets til 4am then glass collect til 6am. My second job was a cleaner at premier inn (the hotel). Working in a hotel is seriously hard work but my work collagues made it so much fun and some days (just some) I actually looked forward to working. However, since working there... I have realised all the shortcuts that cleaners take and I refuse to stay at a hotel unless forced. They're deep down absolutely vile. I used to work Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday... how crazy. 

Living with new people. 
I live with 7 different people, 4 girls and 3 boys. A great balance if you ask me. In terms of choosing accomodation, I have a few pointers that I am so grateful worked out for me but its so sad seeing/hearing my friends experience some of these difficulties. 
  • Unless you don't mind early mornings and your dedication levels are extremely high... try and avoid living off campus. It's a nightmare. It may be cheaper in cost but that cost will definitely rocket up with transport fees (especially taxi's after nights out). Some days you're only in for an hour and that will become the day that you decide you actually have a day off university when realistically you don't. 
  • Make sure you take photographs of your loved ones and blutack them to the wall. Not only will it remind you why you're working so hard and keep you motivated but it will also stop you becoming homesick (or reduce it). 
  • Take lots of kitchen utensils. Don't rely on people sharing things like graters. Before arriving I believed that each flatmate would buy one necessary utensil each which are quite big. However, this may be the case but as they are shared. Let's just say... people decide they don't have to clean them after they use them as technically they didn't buy it/them.

Making new friends. 
  • Don't worry if you're a shy person, there are lots of people at uni that are in a similar situation as you and I guarantee you'll make lots of friends. I have made more friends at university than I did in primary, high school and college put together. Mainly based on the fact that most people at university live on campus away from their families which ultimately means you have more free time to socalise. You'll make tones of friends.
  • Try to speak to people outside of the ordinary; for example, the lift in your accomodation. I have made so many friends from simple little chats that lead into phone number exchanges and then eventually meeting up for a drink or just a chat. 
  • Try smiling at everyone, everyone at university is quite nervous at first. It's such a big jump after all!! (Honestly, the jump shocked me. Be expecting 3 times the work that you think you're about to get). 
  • Try and make lots of friends on your course too. There inevitably will be days were you're not feeling well (or hungover) and you'll need the notes from the lecture. Lecturers will NOT give you lecture notes. They will give you brief outlines but not indepth notes that you would have taken if you were present.

Choosing your course. 
  • For those who don't know, I study Law with Criminology. I was contemplating whether or not to study criminology which I know would be much easier than Law on its own because I was scared that Law would be too hard for me. Even though I did Law at A level (I know... makes no sense). Honestly, although I find it VERY hard. I wouldn't change my decision for the world. Push yourself. Don't just choose something because its easy. Obviously go for a course that you're interested in because otherwise you most probably will get bored and won't finish the course. But go for something if you are contemplating on difficulty level. 
  • If you're contemplating doing a combined course (like mine) but think it will become too much. You can drop one of the courses after year one. I don't know very much about it but my friend is unfortunately leaving me to study criminology alone. 
  • Different courses have different amounts of contact time. I know some people that are only in 4 hours a WEEK. This does not mean you can do what you want all the time, try to go to the library and do your seminar/tutorial work, reading or revision as much as possible. I learnt the hard way. WAAAAAY too much partying and not enough work in semester one leading to a MASSIVE pile up when I hit the exam period. I was in the library for 10 hours straight every single day. It was a struggle but I got through.

Have fun!!! 
  • It is year one after all, its not that hectic if you keep on top of it. Explore the city... for example:
-bars, nightclubs and pubs.
-museums and exhibitions.
-restaurants and takeaways.
-cinemas and lots of shopping.
-join lots of societies.
-join the gym/fitness centre.
-fun group activities like bowling, crazy golf etc.
  • University is known for huuuuge amounts of alcohol... I don't know how but I can now get through two bottles of wine?! Safe to say, I've gone a bit chubby. Alcohol has so many calories (not to mention asda's 50p mini pizzas). If you're a non-drinker, don't worry I have met loads of non-drinkers at university and they have all told me it's not a hinderous to their experience. Going out is one of the best things about semester 1. Make sure you do everything that freshers week offers but be preparing for a hefty headache after the week is over. I literally went deaf after all that music when freshers week was over. I sat in the lecturers unable to hear and dreaming of my bed. I don't believe in freshers flu because I don't want  to be known as defeated (but secretly I definitely experienced the worst of it, don't tell my flatmates).

I have lots instore for you! I have a beauty favourites, lookbook, make up favourites and uni essentials post coming up!
If you have any questions about university feel free to put them below!
speak to you soon xx 

p.s massive thank you and welcome to all the new followers!

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