Thursday, 10 July 2014

I'M BACK!! | where have I been?

Heya everyone!
Long time no type. I know that I promised to be back last month but there was some major step backs which I'm about to explain. This is going to be a lengthy text worthy post which most of you won't be interested in but below is my new schedule and if you prefer fashion and beauty opposed to written posts then I have a bunch of OOTD's coming... starting tomorrow! I'm happy to say that I'll be back blogging every day, apart from Sunday as it is the day of rest and all that jazz!

Monday: Make up Mondays.
Face of the days, reviews, empties and beauty hauls.

Tuesday: Tag Tuesdays.
I have a bunch of tags that I have been tagged in so I need to catch up.

Wednesday: Wardrobe Wednesdays.
I have been shopping SO much since I've been away!

Thursday: Throwback Thursdays.
The proof is in the pudding.
Friday: Fashion Fridays.
OOTD's, OOTN's and fashion hauls.

Saturday: Topic of the week.
Rants, Poems and Quotes.

So where have I been?! Gosh, lets start from the beginning. Originally I stopped blogging so that I could concentrate on my A level exams which I explained in my most recent post. I want to quickly say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone that sent me lovely messages and wished me good luck. Although there are regrets, I have done my best as I worked my socks off and I'm happy with my efforts. I'll let you know the outcome once I get my results. Fingers and toes crossed! If anyone's going to university or lives in Liverpool, please email the address to the right. So nervous but so so so excited! Anyway, I'm going off track again. Since finishing my exams I got TWO jobs. Yes, I repeat two. Meaning that I work 6 days a week, although it may affect the quality of my posts, it does mean more hauls;-) I also broke my laptop so I had to buy another. Its a whole other story but basically someone else broke my laptop, I didn't have insurance, I had to buy the same laptop again WITH insurance with my own hard earned money and I'm now typing that in anger. *Breathe* But I'm back baby!

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  1. Welcome back! x