Wednesday, 19 February 2014

TOPIC OF THE WEEK | essentials in life.

After careful evaluation I have realised that no, one shop alone just sells essential items. If I was to ask you what 6 things you would take into a room with electricity, heating and electrical appliances for one year.   I’m guessing your first reaction would be a game console of some sort, and then the second thing would probably be a game (if you’ve thought it out carefully) then I’m guessing food and water or maybe clothes. Maybe for your third thing, you’d say your phone or laptop? For the rest of the three other things I’m guessing things like your bed, a person, a pet, magazines or books, laptop charger, medicine, makeup, a football?, phone charger or maybe a pen and some paper.
Well, here’s where you went wrong... In order to take your phone into this room for good use you’d need to be able to top up which wouldn’t be easy if you have no access to the outside world or you didn’t take any money or a credit card. If you wanted to take a game console, you’d need a television, and in addition you’d need some way to be able to watch the television if the basic channels aren’t enough for you (example, sky or digital boxes). If you wanted to take your bed, you’d probably need sheets, pillows and a quilt and if you wanted to take clothes you’d need a washing machine and preferably some washing powder. Finally, if you were to take someone else with you, you’d also need some essentials for them.  
It is for this reason only, why I have made the conclusion that people don’t realise what essentials they’d need. I never said in the quest, that you’d have air, windows, and water appliances like the shower, tap or toilet or even little things like light bulbs. So why, if they’re not essentials are people buying excess things? I don’t think it’s a bad thing because without them violence would increase, boredom would increase and quite frankly I wouldn’t be able to type this up today. But I was just wondering what makes them worthwhile? Evidently, they’re fun, exciting, fresh, increasing in development and versatile. But in the same light, we could quite easily live without them! Even though clothes are considered an essential to some people because in today’s world, no one can live without clothes. But are they truly an essential if you could live without them. By no means am I telling you to walk around naked but I’m just opening your eyes so you, yourself can see reality. 
From my investigation, I still think that these things that people craze are worth buying but I have learnt that ‘’sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”

-written by Charnai Bennett.