Monday, 17 February 2014

HAUL | #2.

hello everyone! 

I've had my blog for 9 months and this is only my second haul?! what's going on. I'll definitely have to do them more regularly. I'm really excited to share this one with you because it has a variety of content from shoes to beauty and even some fashion items. I'm scared this post will become text heavy so lets just get straight into it...

sorry about the picture quality, I can't find the charger for my camera so it was taken on my phone, everything will be shown in upcoming posts anyway.

Black boots.
I really liked the look of them on the website but they're a bit too big and they look a bit too chunky for my small feet. But my mum will probably wear them ha. The quality of the shoes seems great, especially for the price but they're just a bit too chunky for me:-(
eBay- £19.99.

Nude bodycon dress.
I've done an OOTN with this dress which you can see here, I absolutely love this dress. The material is SO thick and its such a lovely colour. Direct link to where you can buy it is in the OOTN post.
Miss luxe - £8.99.

Black liquid eye-liner.
This is and will forever be my favourite liquid eye-liner, I've tried so many other drugstore and high end liquid eye-liners and I always come back to this one and for the price, I'm definitely not complaining. They have two liquid eye-liners in Poundland, but I always go for the one in that horrible packaging.
Poundland - £1.00.

Maybelline dream matte mousse foundation.
This is my favourite drugstore favourite and my favourite high end is the MAC studio fix foundation. They don't sell my shade in dream matte mousse in store any more so I have to order it on eBay, but I use the same seller every time.
eBay - £12.84.

"Comfort bra" aka sports bra.
Since I've started working out more, I NEED a sports bra and when I went to get my liquid eye-liner, I saw these so I decided to pick one up. I haven't tried it yet but what could really go wrong?
Poundland - £1.00.

Black clutch with gold hardware.
I received this as a gift from my auntie (thank you!) and I was so pleased because black and gold are definitely my favourite colours to wear (along with grey) and I think everyone know's this about me. It's a lovely size and unlike my other clutch it has a strap so I feel like my clutch collection is complete!
Miss selfridge - unsure of the price.

Storage organiser.
I bought this so I could hang it on my bathroom door in uni as I won't have much space and I need all the storage I can get. I've already been thinking about what are my essential shower products. I shall do a post closer to the time:-)
Dress link - can't find the link but sorry.

Nike roshe trainers- junior (size 4).
I'm sooooooo happy that I bought these. Especially as I got student discount so they only came to £35 pounds. I've fo' sure getting some more. They are the comfiest shoes I own and I absolutely love the look of these. I've definitely getting all black ones so look out for that in my next haul ha.
Footasylum - £39.99.

Tribal print midi dress.
Again, this was another present by the same auntie I was talking about above. I'm going to be doing an OOTN on Friday as I am going out on Thursday and I'm definitely wearing this dress:-)
Hollister - unsure of the price.

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  1. Loved this! Please do more hauls :)

    1. thank you!:-) I'm hoping to do one every month x

  2. Love this haul! the nude bodycon dress is amazing!
    L xo

    1. thank you:-) I absolutely love it! Miss luxe have a discount code at the moment so I may purchase something else xo

  3. Great Haul!! xx

    Cristina |

  4. Love the tribal dress! Great haul! x

    1. So do I:-) so excited to wear it out... thanks hun!x

  5. I love the shoes, I need to get some Nike trainers!!

    Alexandraindia -

    1. I always go for Nike when I buy trainers! &thank you:-)xo

  6. Loving Nikes at the moment

    Looking forward to seeing them in an outfit post

    Ally x

    1. they're on point recently! ah thank you... I'm already planning the post x

  7. I love haul posts! You got some great bits and pieces there! The nude body con is gorgeous, I can't believe it was such a bargain!

    Just found your blog, it's really great. I look forward to reading more!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. I know! definitely ordering from Miss Luxe again. Aw thank you Jenn x