Tuesday, 28 January 2014

FAVOURITES | january.

heya everyone! 

Favourites time!! I absolutely love doing favourites and it seems like you love them too. As always I have some products which I adore! Not that many this month though as I also did current favourites at the beginning of January. But nevertheless, I am so happy with my January picks so let's just get right into it...

Nicky Clarke round brush
I've been absolutely loving this brush for blow drying my hair! It's like the miracle brush, it now only takes me about 7 minutes (precise, I know) to blow dry my hair straight and once I've finished its as if I've just straightened it. All credits go to my mum for introducing this brush to me, if anyone has tried any other Nicky Clarke products please let me know if you have any recommendations.
I unfortunately can't find a direct link.

Avon Citrus burst shower gel
This month I discovered this amazing scent!! It smells like fresh fruit being cut open but I can mainly smell the grapefruit. Absolutely divine! Can I just give a little appreciation to Avon as they have been featured in many of my favourites posts and whilst I was looking back over my previous favourites I realised that I don't give them enough credit.
You can buy it here for £2.00.

FCUK body spray
Again, another FCUK product from the gift set I received for Christmas.  This product is also recommended by the lovely http://elephantstoriesandmore.blogspot.co.uk/, please check her blog out as I think she has great taste. But back to the body spray... again, it's another coconuty product which I absolutely adore! It lingers on the skin for hours after application and it also cools you down ha ha.
I can't find a direct link but I know that it's from Boots.

Avon Citrus burst liquid soap
I don't understand why I've featured hand wash in my favourites twice in 6 months. I must be getting old if I'm pleased with a hand wash ha ha. It has such an aroma! It leaves your hands feeling so fresh!! We've also had lots of compliments since putting it in our bathroom however the only downside is the tacky packaging:-(
You can buy it here for £2.00.

No7 Body oil
Sadly this is almost empty as it leaked all over my college bag:-( so I replaced it with my FCUK body spray shown above. Although the packaging isn't the best. The content is heavenly. Not only does it smell like Vanilla but it also makes you smell nice (just like a perfume) but also moisturises you as well, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth (just like a moisturiser/cream)... I just can't believe it. Why has no-one shown me the concept of 'body oils' before?! MIND.BLOWN.
You can buy it here for £9.50. 



  1. I love the Nicky Clarke brush, he does some good products!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. So do I:-)! I've only tried this brush but I can just imagine! x

  2. Lovely bunch of products :) I know I have used and loved Avon body products and their lipsticks and chapsticks for years. They always have gorgeous scents for a decent price so really what isn't there to love.

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    1. thank you:-) so happy someone else loves Avon, I recently got asked what Avon was!? I'm still in shock haha x