Friday, 13 December 2013

OOTN and FOTN | #2.

Heya girlies!
happy blog mas day 13:-)
As promised in my last post, I have my OOTN as I went to town with my friends on Thursday. I would firstly like to apologise for the terrible photographs but I thought bad photos, are better than no photo's?! Hope you enjoy the outfit, item specifics are below:-)
Dress: Shout.
Heels: Primark.
Earrings: eBay.
Bracelet: Pandora.
Phone case: eBay.
Concealer: MAC and collection 2000.
Contour: Sleek.
Foundation: Maybelline dream matte mousse.
Blush: not sure.
Eyeliner: Maybelline waterproof gel eyeliner.
Powder: Sleek.
Lipstick: BC collection in Salsa.
Eyelashes: Primark.
See you tomorrow for the giveaway winner!