Sunday, 1 December 2013

ESSENTIALS | winter colds.

hey girlies!
Since its the winter season, I've been prone to getting colds and flu's... so I thought I'd do a little post of my essentials that save the day every time! Along with these items, medicine, lots of sleep and a nice hot bath or shower does the trick!
Being all snuggly in my Primark onesie, always makes me feel better and to add to that, I love lighting a candle... this particular one is mulled wine scented and it smells divine!

This right here is the trick of overcoming colds! Recently I have perfected my herbal tea; after weeks of trying sweeteners, lime juice and different flavours. My absolute favourite is blueberry and apple twining's with two spoons of honey! But the vital step is make sure you leave the tea bag in!! Wow, I sound like some kind of crazy tea lady...
I've decided to start blogmas off like this as I have realised that essential blogposts are one of my most popular but don't worry... they'll be a Christmas related post tomorrow then an OOTD that has been requested the day after! Although this may take away the element of surprise, I want to give you a brief outline of what you may see in my blogmas posts. You may be thinking what's blogmas?! Well, its a blog post a day leading up to Christmas so make sure you hit that follow button to the right. Anyway, here's what you've got to look forward to:
  • Birthday related posts such as a birthday haul, birthday outfit and what I purchased with my birthday money.
  • Lots of outfit posts such as lazy day outfits, college outfits and Christmas day outfit.
  • Festive gift guides for women, men and children. Also a stocking fillers post which will include items £10 or less.
  • What I have in my college bag on a daily basis and travel make up bag.
  • Essentials will continue every Sunday... they will include skincare essentials, eyebrow routine essentials and non beauty winter essentials.
  • Collections which will include a perfume collection and body butter collection.
If you're good at maths that's only 17 post ideas as the rest is still a mystery.
See you tomorrow x


  1. Where did you get that candle from?


    1. I got it for Christmas last year but my nan said she thinks it was boots:-) xx

  2. Such a cute onesie! I hope your remedy works and you don't catch a cold! :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. I know! I love the new ones in Primark this year x

  3. I love twining too but i haven't tasted this,will give it a try.

  4. Gotta have the Primark onsie! It's such an essential!