Thursday, 19 December 2013

ESSENTIALS | moisturisers.

heya skincare lovers!
This is the second segment of my skincare theme this week which will include three sections, face washes, moisturisers and make up removers... which you can see in the picture to the right. However, in this post, I will only be talking about three products in the picture to the left. I know technically sudocrem is not a skincare product but I absolutely love this product so I take every opportunity to talk about it. 

Double base gel
I was prescribed this by my doctor as I have very dry skin and I was told that this is practically good for hydrating dry or chapped skin conditions. Since the product is extra thick, it's lasted me this well since summer. However, I use this product when my skins feeling practically dry. I would definitely recommend going to see your doctor for a cream/gel of some sort if you have acne prone or dry skin.

Johnsons 24 hour moisture
This product comes in all different skin types, however I have purchased the 'dry & sensitive skin' variation. It has the typical Johnsons smell and I love the glass jar packaging. It's very delicate and I use this every morning before applying my makeup because it's very moisturising. However, the only downfall is that it runs out quite quickly.

As explained above, I know this isn't a moisturiser but I didn't know which category to put it in and I had to include it as it is a vital part of my skincare routine! This extremely thick paste is a miracle product for spots!! It was initially used for baby rashes however it's been recommended by many people as a great spot treatment. I use this when I'm having a bad skin day and its never failed me yet.

See you tomorrow for an OOTN and FOTN.


  1. Replies
    1. It really is! My family laugh at me when I put it on my face but they wont be laughing when I have perfect skin;-)

  2. Great review!! Love Johnsons 24 hour moisture, too!! xox

  3. Sudocrem is amazing for spots, my 3 year old niece thinks I look hilarious with it dotted all over my face too-so I guess it has the added entertainment factor!
    Lovely post, L xo

    1. ha ha, aw that's adorable... thank you:-) xx

  4. Great post! I've heard so many people rave about sudocrem but I'm yet to try it out

    1. thank you! you should definitely try it xxx