Sunday, 15 December 2013

ESSENTIALS | eye brow routine.

hello makeup lovers!
happy blog mas day 15:-)
Here are my eye brow routine essentials, which I've been using for months so hopefully this will maintain my official routine for some time. To maintain my eye brows I use nair hair removal cream because I'm too scared to pluck my eyebrows after one very bad experience! I've never tried threading but it seems really painful.
Have any of you tried it? Would you recommend getting it done?
Double sided brush
I use this brush to shape my brows before using any product because my eyebrows are quite wild in the morning. This is a great brush as it serves a multi purpose with a brush and comb looking section. I bought it from 'pound land' in a set quite a while ago, but if I'm not mistaken they still sell the pack of makeup brushes.
Mini angled brush
I have many angled brushes but I always go back to this travel size one as it has great control and it's so much easier to create that perfect brow. I would really recommend an angled brush for any eye brow routine as it has the perfect shape to create any brow.
Not so clear, clear mascara
I use this to set my brows so that they don't budge throughout the day. I find eye brow wax way too harsh for my eyebrows and it makes the eyebrows look too fake. However, a clear mascara is great and light and makes the hairs look even more natural as it blends in the colour.
Bobbi brown long wear eyeliner in 'Sepia brown'
This is the PERFECT shade for my eyebrows and if I had to give you one tip for any eyebrow routine, it would be... to find the perfect match for your natural eyebrows. I love the way it applies as it's a cream based eye liner. I would really recommend both the black and the brown eye liners by Bobbi brown, they're magnificent.


  1. I've never had my eyebrows threaded, but some of my friends have had it done. They say that it hurts, but it's the best way to get rid of unwanted hair!
    Eden xx

    1. ah, this is convincing me! I'm just such a wimp:-( thanks for the feedback x

  2. Threading is a bit painful, I'd say waxing hurts less! But I usually pluck because I hate waiting for them to grow! And that doesn't hurt me at all now :) I like the idea of the clear mascara, think I'll have to try that! :) Also thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! Thought I'd reply here so you'd see it :) xxx

    1. ooo, I've never considered waxing but I shall reconsider now! thanks for the feedback:-) no problem honey xxx

  3. you should definitely try threading! It is a little bit painful but it gives your eyebrows such a good shape! x