Wednesday, 4 December 2013

FAVOURITES | november.

Hiya everyone!
Happy blog mas day 4:-)
Here are my November favourites which I've tried to make all festive with the Christmas themed wrapping paper; as I doubt I'll be doing December favourites as I'm going to be taking a blogging break after blogmas. To give me time to revise... I know, it makes me sad already but don't worry it's only going to be a two week break. So, I'll be back before you know it. Anyway... on with the favourites! 
1.Back clutch from Accessorize.
This is a sneak peek of what I was given for my birthday as this is a gift I received and I've used it every time since then and since it was my birthday and my friends and I have received some University conditional offers we've been celebrating A LOT (OOTN's to come). Anyway this clutch will be featured in my what I got for my birthday post next week, so I'll go into detail then but this is my absolute new favourite bag and my friend Laura did a great job! (thank you:-)) I know it was £25 because she cheekily left the price tag on just in case I didn't like it, but unfortunately I couldn't find it on the online site.
2. Tommy Hilfiger perfume.
This is an all time favourite that always seems to come out at the winter time and its running a bit low so that's definitely something I'm going to pick up in the Boxing day sales. "Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl is a sporty, fresh fragrance combining apple blossom and camellia with black currant with citrus tones."

Buy it here from Fragrance direct it says that It's cheaper from the Perfume shop but the packaging is different so I'm unsure if it's the same.
3. Head and shoulders anti dandruff shampoo.
It leaves a tingling feeling as it is described as a 'cool menthol' shampoo and once its rinsed out, it makes my hair feel squeaky clean. It makes my hair feel extra soft and I got many compliments about the smell as it made it feel very fresh!
4. Colour tattoo.
I've done a blog post with swatches here but I'm sure you've seen it before as it has been very popular in the blogging community. When I first purchased this item I thought it was a waste of money but every day since I've used it as it's such a beautiful shimmery champagne colour that could be used as a base or a colour on its own. Don't worry, there will be a tutorial with this product soon! But it may be closer to Christmas, so you'll have to wait a bit. It's such a beautiful colour for Christmas and it lasts for 24 hours.

Buy it here from Boots for £4.99.
5. Peppermint kiss hand wash.
I bet you're thinking that this is some expensive hand soap from Bath and Body works because the amazing Christmassy packaging really does make you think that way. Unfortunately, I lost the bug silver bow that came with it but it made it look extra special. I bet you're also thinking 'but I thought you didn't like Peppermint?!'... either did I! I guess its because it's a hand soap and I can tolerate it as it makes your hands smell extra fresh. The smell is amazing and for just £1 (!!!) from Pound land this amazing soap that leaves your hands moisturized afterwards is definitely worth investing in.

See you tomorrow for a men's gift guide


  1. Can never go wrong with a black clutch especially over the christmas party season.


    1. I know:-) any good places you would recommend getting a clutch from?xx

  2. lovely favorites my dear ! such a lovely and wonderful blog you have :) xx

    1. thank you for your lovely comment:-)xo