Sunday, 17 November 2013

ESSENTIALS | shower.

hello everyone!
So as promised I have another segment of my Sunday essentials blog posts and this time its shower essentials... I've also decided on my blogging schedule as I need to be a bit more organised especially with me getting an overload of coursework and hopefully I'll get this new job. Fingers crossed!!
So my blogging schedule will be every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Anyway... on with the shower essentials:-)
1. Phyderma face cleansing gel which is a green gel formula that you can definitely feel working in your pores. It combines plant complex and essential tea tree oil, so you can just imagine the benefits but to me it smells like cucumber. It retails at £10.99.
2. What blog post would be complete without a bit of Soap and Glory?! I think I've featured at least one product from their range in every 4 blog post's that I've done hahaha. Clean on me is well known so I won't go on for long... but I swear by this product, it smells gorgeous and it lasts ages and for only £6.00 its definitely worth it.
3. L'occitane is definitely a luxury brand and I was ecstatic when I received a gift set by them for Christmas from my Boyfriend's mum (if you read this, thank you very much x). Although its expensive for such a small bottle as it retails at £13.00, it is the only shower gel I have ever tried that lasts ALL day without fail. It turns into a light foam when you add water and it is perfumed with the green and flowery scents of peonies.
4. Last but not least, an argan oil conditioner which surprisingly I bought from Pound land as I wanted to try something from an argan oil range, but unfortunately my budget would cooperate for anything in Boots. However, I have now found myself buying back ups whenever I'm there. It's a thick white paste that makes your hair feel hydrated and silky smooth, if you're ever in, I'd recommend it:-)

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