Thursday, 11 July 2013

REVIEW | max factor.

Hello cuties!
I hope you're all having a lovely day. Today I've decided to review the max factor infinity lasting lip tint in 03 - Pink princess... see here.
When looking this product up on the boots website I was very shocked as the colour represented for this product is a Barbie light pink shade and that is completely not what this product is! So be aware.
So as you can see its like a jumbo felt tip so its therefore very easy to apply, it is very sheer (which is not what I was expecting at all) but such a beautiful pink shade that almost looks slightly raspberry coloured. It has a beautiful smell and it makes you want to lick your lips however as it is a stain, after roughly 25-30 seconds, it does not transfer and won't come off. However, it doesn't have the greatest staying power, so I find myself re-applying it during the day, but as it is so easy to apply, I can do it pretty quickly. For £4.99 I think it is amazing quality and value for money and I personally like the appearance of the packaging, its simple but affective.
Overall, I would recommend this product and I think the concept of the product is genius. I think I may go for one of the deeper colours next as this is one of the lighter colours from the max factor collection.
Have you tried any of these lip tint's?


  1. I'm obsessed with lipsticks but I definitely prefer products like this for day to day wear because they're more comfortable on the lips :) I haven't heard any reviews for these before so thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely be checking them out! xx

    1. your welcome, I totally agree, especially in weather like this! I love your blog:-) xx

  2. Ive tried this peachy kind of lip stain , and it smells really good and it gives it that neutral look , natural look if you know what I mean x :)

    Ps I love your blog! :-)